Taking On Responsibilities

Making decisions should be easy for a child of God. You have the Holy Spirit to guide you at all times. But this is easier said than done, isn't it?
I have been in situations where I knew deep in my heart how God expected me to respond to a challenge but nevertheless struggled to accept it. It's those challenging places or people that are a major test to my Christian faith.

But I get encouragement in that I am not alone in this predicament and not among the first to struggle either.
Moses said, "Lord, please send someone else. You know I am not that smart with my speech." Exodus 4.
Gideon tried every excuse he could think of so God could go elsewhere. He started with the usual, "there are some people out there that are better than me, or more suited for the challenge." Judges 6
Boaz tried to be smart about his challenge and called upon another next of kin to take up the offer of purchasing Naomi's land and all that came with it. He was discreetly tryin…

Seeking God Through Prayer

I remember back in my early years as a Christian, how I used to bury myself in books teaching on the subject of prayer. I needed prayer in so many of my areas of life, and I looked for ways on how I could apply this thing called prayer all over me. I became so much into it that in time I was part of prayer groups, prayer chains, intercessory circles, prayer warriors and any other name that these groups called themselves by.
I still believe in the power of prayer, but especially when put together with the Word of God, godly principles and a steadfast path towards serving God. One of my bible examples is the Prophet Samuel whose prayer life became an anchor for the nation of Israel in their time of need.
The people of Israel said to Samuel, "Do not cease to cry out to the Lord our God for us, and pray that he may save us from the hand of the Philistines."
The hand of the Lord was against the Philistines all the days of Samuel. 1 Samuel 7:8,13 But before he could become a man …

I Grieve

Hear me, when I say I am grieving She wasn’t just a passing flame But a heart and soul entrusted to my care She was real then as she still is in my heart Many came and passed And some stayed for a short while But I could not leave I had come to stay

She was my morning sun as she smiled And my evening meditation as we prayed I grieve because she touched my heart As she held on to me for love and understanding
I grieve because I am humbled by her need of me I grieve because she chose me for herself Even though it was for just a short stay
I grieve because of the joy in my heart To be a vessel of God’s peace and comfort To a lonely heart To a troubled soul on its way to its Savior
I grieve because Jesus stood by us Watching and listening to our agonies Waiting for that dear reconciliation Waiting for that fighting spirit to be at rest
I can now rejoice and grieve no more Because she is finally home
With her Lord and her loved one.


I was seated by the bus terminal waiting for my next bus which was to take me to my cousin’s home for Thanksgiving dinner.
The bus terminal was mainly deserted, the offices were closed, except for about five passengers, of which I was one of them.
As I sat there watching the slow traffic across the adjacent building, I noticed one woman possibly in her seventies walking with a young man possibly in his thirties. He was a very handsome young man but unusually excited about something. He kept jumping and skipping and motioning with his hands like a kangaroo! The woman walked quietly ahead of him, but would turn slightly to make sure the young man was close by.
Was he autistic, I wondered? Where were they going on Thanksgiving Day, when they should be home with family and friends? As I sat there by the bench watching that couple, my heart was filled with sadness. Perhaps this was a mother with an autistic son.
Perhaps she felt her son judged or shunned by those she would have loved to spent…

There Is A Prayer She Must Pray

“There is a prayer she must pray”, the angels kept whispering to each other. “We cannot take her out of the dungeon until she prays the prayer”. But what dumbfounded the angels was that none of them knew the prayer to be prayed.
“We will know the prayer when she actually prays it”. “How will she know what to pray and when?” “She has already been praying for months now, and she seems nowhere near to the answer to her prayer”. “Because what she must pray for is greater than her, her family and anything that she could possibly pray for”. 
“It is even bigger than us because it can only be revealed to her by the Holy Spirit when the time is ripe”. “That is why it is hidden from us, her very angels because only she can birth the prayer inside her as the Holy Spirit prompts her”. “She looks about to have a mental breakdown; she has been struggling for over so long. Are we really going to keep on standing watch over her, while she struggles so much?” 
“We have instructions not to touch her. The …

Half a Minute Prayers

Last Sunday we had a combined church service with a sister church, the first of its kind here in our UCC local region. All prompted by the Hurricane Irma and its waters flowing down our sanctuary hall. The previous Sunday the other church had hosted us. So this Sunday we were returning the favor.

I was in the bathroom cubicle before the church service began when another lady walked in and sat on a couch to change her shoes. I heard her whispering to herself about how feverish she felt and wondering how she was even going to get through the service. Another lady walked in, greeted the feverish one. The feverish responded saying she was in a bad shape and didn't want to hug the other one because she was scared of passing on the bug raging in her body. The other acknowledged and walked away.

When I came out of my cubicle, I felt like saying to this feverish lady, 'let us pray'. Instead, I said 'good morning' to which she whispered back 'hello'. She sounded re…

Hurricane Irma - My Perspective

We survived; by His grace alone! Thank you for your prayers.  It is amazing how such a huge state like Florida was brought to its knees by this hurricane.  Basic foodstuffs,  bottled water, gas, all ran out. Schools and offices closed. Business came to a standstill and people ran from their homes into crowded school shelters. Comfort was no longer an issue, saving one's life and that of the family was more important.  
When the storms came in, the beaches were sucked dry of their water. Where did it go? Noone knows, they say it has never happened before!  People risked life to go and walk on the once sea water levels which had been dried up like the Red Sea in the Bible.
We suffered through nine hours  (8pm to 5am) of non-stop thunder, storms, tornadoes and the hurricane itself. We all huddled for cover in bathrooms in case windows came flying. Sept 10 was a night to be remembered for a very long time! In the devil's notebook, the morning of Sept 11, 2017, was supposed to be …