My Seven Measures of Grace

Picture yourself standing on top of a shaky little bridge, constructed for emergency purposes to provide access from point A to point B. If you walk too fast, you sense yourself tipping over. But if you also walk too slowly, you are consumed with the anxiety of whether you will reach the other side safely. So what you really need is a balanced walk, a careful progress that will ensure the best results. There are many instances in my life that I have gone through as if I was walking on a tottering bridge. The thing that has sustained me is having a firm grip on my faith in Jesus Christ, the Rock of my salvation. From the end of the earth, I will call to you when my heart is overwhelmed. Lead me to the rock that is higher than I. Psalm 61:2 To make my faith concrete, I have come up with what I call my seven measures of grace. 1.The grace to love It is easy to love the lovable. But to love those that cause me pain and misery is a different story altogether. That is when I need the grace to l…

When Cultural Barriers Separate Us

It was late in the evening as my cousin Tina and I sat by the television set, watching some boring movie which was practically drowning us in misery due to its lack of relevance to our African culture. However, after a long day at the flea market, neither of us had the energy to get up and change the channel.
It was the sound of sirens wailing down our road that raised us up from our slumber. As the sirens came nearer and nearer, we soon realised that they were actually coming to our block of apartments.
“What is going on”, Tina asked. I had no idea; so we both got up and peeped through the window. A fire engine and a paramedics ambulance had pulled up right at the apartment next door to us. I quickly grabbed Tina’s arm and pulled her towards the door, as I said, “let us go and find out”. “No”, replied Tina, “things don’t operate that way in this neighbourhood”. I said, “Why, are we not neighbours? Should we just sit here quietly and watch from the windows?”
I was really concerned about …

The Flow of Blessings

As a young girl, I grew up in a village where we had irrigated fields of corn and vegetables. As I remember now, I am fascinated by the irrigation system that my parents used. It was one of those old-fashioned canal types, as depicted in the picture here.

The water would flow from a centralised place, but there was always someone who would control where it flowed to. We had fields on both sides of the irrigation canal that needed to be watered. The fields themselves were divided into patches belonging to different families.

So it was important for whoever was in charge of the allocation of the water flow to be familiar with how the system worked, and to know who was to be allocated water at any given time. It was not about who wanted to water their field at that time; but about who was next in line to receive the much-needed resource. If it wasn't your turn, you just had to wait. The only exception was only when the one in line deferred that privilege to you.

I feel that sometime…

Your Healing Is Within You - Taking a Step Towards Your Healing

Chapter 1 The Word of God says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4:6. Put another way this means, “My people perish for lack of revelation”.
Revelation can make a difference between life and death. And here I am referring to both the physical and spiritual aspects of life or death.
You may know the contents of the Bible from cover to cover. That alone is not enough. It is what you know plus what God reveals to you personally through His Word concerning your life that will make a difference for you.
The Prophet Jeremiah spoke this of God, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know,” Chapter 33:3.
My TestimonyHad it not been for the grace of God, I would have died in my early twenties. I was very ill on and off for about three years. It was the same illness that led me to seek the help of the Church, subsequently leading me to give my life to Christ.
One day as I lay sick in bed, I opened a little booklet based on the story of …

Your Healing Is Within You - A Book for Those Who Are Truly Seeking. Preface

Life is a journey, which is full of many discoveries, some good, some not so good. In the journey, we encounter joy, sorrow, pain and suffering. But above all, the best encounter is in meeting the God of the universe, the God who holds everything in the palm of His hands, the God who is always in control. This is the same God who created us and knows us intimately (Psalm 139 verses 13 –16).
I believe that there are lots of people who have sat pondering helplessly over the pain and suffering that they have been going through. I have been there many times and this book is there to point you to the God who sees your anguish, especially when the despair is centred on ill health. God desires to come alongside you, walk with you and if need be carry you.
I read a story once, of a parent who over a couple of weeks lost three of his children to a mysterious disease. One after the other the children would succumb to a high fever leading to sudden death within a couple of hours. The hospit…

eBook - Your Healing Is Within You

Dear readers

God has enabled me. My eBook: 'Your Healing Is Within You - A book for those who are truly seeking' is now on the market. Please follow the link below to purchase and support my efforts.

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God bless you.

What Easter Means To Me

Have you ever stopped to think about what Easter means to you? For most people it is just another holiday. And that is if you happen to live in a country where they cease most operations in order to give their employees a long break. Right now I am in a place which pretty much adopts the ‘business as usual’ policy.
Well, yesterday evening (Thursday) we had our Tenebrae church service. The service took about an hour, and was characterized mainly by singing, reading of scriptures and prayers. We were also served with Holy Communion; but it was the extinguishing of the candles after each scripture reading that to me, solemnized the event. 
That brief minute of silence as each candle was extinguished, reminded me of how near Christ was to me. He was just a moment away! He could read my thoughts, hear my whispering heart and interpret each of my pleas correctly. There was no need for me to shout. He was there with me, just as he was there in the room where the disciples were helplessly gathe…